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FALL 2024

Read the first two Books in the River Bend Series
From author,

TJ Makkai


After college graduation, Claudia expected to take care of her aunt and begin planning her future, but everything changes when a fisherman pulls a bag of bones out of the river. Gunshots, romance, and family secrets emerge and take Claudia down a twisting path.​

Claudia becomes involved when five old friends reunite to keep a twenty-year-old secret buried. They have to figure out if doing the honorable thing is the right thing for everyone, but the choice might not be theirs to make. 

In the anxiously awaited follow-up to her exciting debut novel Crow, 

TJ Makkai's protagonist Claudia Middleton returns to the peaceful town of River Bend, Wisconsin, whose secrets run as deep as the seemingly calm waters of the Mississippi. But Claudia soon discovers that danger lies just below the surface as she races to dredge up the secrets of the past and escape the perils of the present. A stalker lurks at every turn, and some secrets would just as soon remain submerged forever.


She thought her small-town community service would be quiet. Then she encounters decades-old corpses, vicious stalkers, and mafia hitmen…


Claudia Middleton never gives up without a fight. Saddled with government-mandated volunteer work fresh out of college, she’s still willing to dedicate her free hours to supporting her sick aunt. But when the catch-of-the-day turns out to be a decaying bag of bones, the sharp-eyed twenty-something can’t resist investigating.


Digging into the sleepy backwater’s long-buried history and startled by its shocking secrets, Claudia scrambles to keep her footing in the dangerous tides. And as she builds friendships, discovers romance, and braves the edge of the grave, she fights to stay one step ahead of the next disaster.


Will constantly venturing into the shadows put a permanent and deadly target on her back?


TJ Makkai’s 5th book will be released in fall 2024. 



Their Confessions and My Lies

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