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Special September Announcement - PIGEON is OUT!

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA - Read all about it!

PIGEON - is out for all to read!

This was a fun story to write it and I hope you all enjoy it. I do not know what I would have done if I was personally in a situation like Claudia and Sherrie. I would like to think I would have the guts to stick it out. My favorite part was watching the friendships and ‘other’ relationships grow.

You can order it on Amazon - paperback or Kindle Edition:


Did you ever want to name a character in a book? Here is your chance!

1)Buy PIGEON and read it!

2) Leave a review on Amazon before November 1, 2022.

3) Let me know when you post the review.

4) I will collect names and draw a winner in mid-November.

5) The winner will get to name a character. When you read PIGEON, the last two chapters tell you there are some new key characters that need names!!!!!

Rules: Buy the book, leave an Amazon review before November 1, 2022, and notify me when the review is posted. Final character name must meet my standards, winner has no rights to the name, character or revenue from book, character or books series. This should be fun- don’t ruin it.



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