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September Book Corner

Writers tend to be avid readers - in and outside of our "home genre".... and this month's recommendation follows that pattern!

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

A fun read!!! Science Fiction & Fantasy / Speculative Fantasy is not my thing, but I have to say this was a brilliant book. Occasionally, it is fun to step outside of my usual genre of mysteries and biographies to read something new. I suggest you step out of your reading comfort zone—- that is after reading PIGEON The River Bend Series. Give Matt Haig a try. There is a bit of everything - romance, mystery and history.

TELL ME… Is there a great book I should be reading? I will give a shout out to Mel for recommending ‘How to Stop Time’

Comment below with your recommendations!

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I just finished the Paper Palace and it was a great read.

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