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November Book Corner

Just finished two books:

The Last Thing He Told Me

by Laura Dave

It is always fun when someone disappears and you have to guess was why and if it is for good reasons.

This Is Going to Hurt, Secret Diaries of a Young Doctor

by Adam Kay

Fly on the Wall, Behind the Scenes, Backstage Tours. I love books that give you insight into other professions. Last year I read about the mortuary business and that inspired the setting for ‘PIGEON’. I read a book from a Librarian and learned a few fun things and now ‘This is Going to Hurt’. Adam Kay delivers humorous and touching stories about being an OB GYN in the UK. My fall reading list includes books from a surgeon and about working in hotels- hmmm, maybe I should have written that one. For those of you that don’t before I became a write I worked in hotels and loved every minute.



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